Immunity Juice (400ml)

Vaidya Mantra
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Key Benefits

  • Keeps you healthy and active
  • Keeps Digestive System Fit
  • Enhances Immunity
  • Reduces Stress
  • Reduces Cholesterol
  • Keeps Heart Healthy
  • Improves Skin Health
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    Amla Juice 400ml

    Vaidyamantra Kalp Patra Ras is a magical combination of Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Giloye, Ginger, Amla, and Ashwagandha. It keeps you healthy and fit, be it Digestive System, Immunity, Cholesterol, and Heart. Kalp Amrit juice helps in giving relief from stress and anxiety. Drinking this juice daily also makes your skin beautiful and glowing as it purifies the blood.

    • 100% pure, Keeps the digestive system and skin healthy
    • Lowers stress and increases immunity
    • Vaidyamantra Immunity Juice is a magical combination of Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Giloye, Ginger, Amla, and Ashwagandha
    • The ultimate immunity booster packed with vitamin C and antioxidants
    • Fight with infections
    • Reduce your chances to get seasonal illnesses
    • Boost digestion and metabolism
    • Effective in weight management
    • Keep your skin clear, healthy and radiant
    • Reduce the ageing process


      • Protects Against Fever: Consume 30 ML Immunity Juice mixed with a glass of water daily.
      • Fights Respiratory Problems: Get creative and add it to your favorite fruit/vegetable smoothie.
      • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure: Add 20 ML Immunity Juice and 40 ML Karela Juice to a glass of water.
      • Supports Metabolism: Mix Immunity Juice with vinegar, olive oil, and spices to use as a homemade salad dressing 

      Used for following diseases

      • Flu
      • Cold
      • Cough
      • Fever
      • Digestion issues
      • Stress issues

      Know The Ingredients 

      Aloe Vera

      Powerful Antioxident. Antibacterial. Antiseptic
      Great for skin and hair
      Purify blood
      Improve diabetic conditions


      Rich in anti oxidents and a natural detox
      Reduce stress and anxiety
      Counteract on stress induced ulcers
      Fight allergies, infections and pathogens


      Treats even chronic indigestion
      An effective pain relief
      Lower the risk of infections
      Rich in anti oxidants. Anti-inflammatory


      Boosts Immunity
      Reduce stress and anxiety
      Fights respiratory problems
      Treats high blood sugar
      Prevents the onset of common infections


      Packed with vitamin C and builds immunity
      Great for weight management
      Improves eyesight
      Great for Skin and hair

      • Gwarpatha
      • Amla
      • Tulsi
      • Ginger
      • Giloy
      • Ashwagandha

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